Cant. Breathe.

April 12, 2012
By distressed_cinderella PLATINUM, San Leandro, California
distressed_cinderella PLATINUM, San Leandro, California
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" You can't make something stay that wants to go. You can only love what you have while you have it"

I. Can’t. Breathe.
I feel the weight of the world on me
And I need some release
So my heart can openly beat

I’m still searching for a feeling
And it’s a shame
Someone as intelligent as me
Ignores. Her. Brain.

It felt really right, you know?
My head fit perfectly
On your shoulder cavity
And when you hugged me
I wanted to wear your closeness
Like a jacket to keep
Me. Toast- y.

So now I’m left searching for a feeling
Some sense of deeper meaning
Beyond the usual
Train of thinking
Then I can breathe freely
Shared. Air.

But that last night
You spread your arms far apart
To indicate the distance
Between our traveling hearts
Too. Damn. Far.

It would be so nice to breathe again
I feel contorted
By the wrong hands
And no air is coming in
I feel so claustrophobic
Surrounded by so many faces
When all I want is to see yours again
Up. Close.

And now I think I’d fly back
On my wings
And shake you awake
Like a subtle dream
Pull your arms towards me
You’ll hold me by my waist
And. See.
The miles really don’t mean anything, do they?

I’m searching for a feeling
Always searching for a feeling
So I could breathe freely
Let. Go.

Just promise me you’ll pin me down
Never let me get away
Let me sink so deep into your eyes
So that my eyes never go astray
And then together we will take
Our second deep……………
Breath .

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