The K.O.D.'s invite

April 12, 2012
By flip9615 SILVER, Hurricane, West Virginia
flip9615 SILVER, Hurricane, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
"fear no evil for evil shall fear you"

Seems like all the time I'm all alone,
no place to call my own,
feels like I'm abandoned but by whom I do not know.
With so many that I've hurt,
clueless to the pain I've brought only cause I lost myself in my words,
I labeled myself the King Of Darkness,
seemed suitable for someone who would remain heartless.
No love no tears,
I own the night so I live my life with no fears,
I live immortal so I have unlimited years.
Seems like I was a social pariah,
it struck me with pain that ignited my hatred and my inner fires,
everyday I battle whither to the the right thing but with all my sins I could never be labeled a lier,
I did everything I could to cure my pain I looked to the universe and said my souls for hire.
though I am not normal this I know,
but should I really be out casted from people simply because I'm different this knowledge really makes my hatred grow.
I only had one true friend and he was taken from me,
the sorrow it brought me but no one cared to see,
they flashed a cheesy smile and just left me be.
Well this poem is reaching out to everyone who is completely alone,
let no burden scar you for people like us can use this fuel to grow,
our fires inside and let no evil show.
For I fear no evil so evil fears me,
why I'm cured with such horror and such insanity,
I understand why people have ran from just the thought of having to encounter me,
when in life I have no regrets,
a million confessions but nothing ever to admit,
I live with the guilt of a billion,
sometimes it does feel like a trillion,
and by now this weight should be crushing my body but I stay strong in hopes for life with no more villains.
So if you haven't noticed by now this poem has a secret message,
only to those with open minds may you truly understand this passage,
and if not well then you may stare at this screen for hours and become ravage,
its a fair warning though my art does cause one to think savage,
and if you think that's bad wait till you see the end when every thing is consumed by what we call massive.

The author's comments:
I wrote this in hopes people would understand my message. that no matter what demons you face if you just have someone there then maybe the darkness isn't so bad I've lived in the darkness my entire life by myself and negative energy does consume a person. I just want my experience to branch out to people and let them know that just because you seem bad or the choices you have made are bad it doesn't mean you are. sometimes we just have a bad draw at cards, or we are confused but have faith and I do not mean in god or whatever religion, I mean in yourself. And know that no matter how dark you may seem there is always light inside you take that from the new K.O.D..

p.s. Now your all wondering why I labeled it K.O.D.'s invite well just to get things straight if you haven't already figured it out it means King Of Darkness. Now I did not originally create the name all Credit for the name goes to one of my all time favorite rappers Tech N9ne he is the original K.O.D.. But know that one can not be king forever so when he truly steps down I will take his place and my rightful place on my throne as the rightful heir to the King of Darkness.

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