I Take A Lot of Walks, And Naps..

April 12, 2012
By , Somerset, WI
I step outside, and start to walk.
At first it's just like any other walk,
I brush past a girl walking with her hood up &her headphones turned loud and catch a lingering moment of her music.
It fades, replaced by the song of a bird.
I look up and it flies away, startled, interrupted by my sudden intrusion near its tree.
There are a few raindrops, but not enough to call it rain.
As I walk, the buildings and the noises around them get smaller behind me, and everything is quiet
Except for my footsteps.
The resounding sounds from the steps I take Turn into your heartbeat.
... Perfectly in sync with mine, or so I thought, but thoughts change.
Laughter breaks the beat and I throw a glance behind me.
They're holding hands. She's laughing, and he's talking,
and I keep walking.
Leave the stupid cement sidewalk, and into the woods,
His voice and her laugh fade and I'm by myself again.
The breeze picks up just enough to lift the leaves, and then I remember
Sometimes on walks I like to climb over fences.
But I haven't since then, when we did,
When it was 11:30 at night and the grass was damp against my bare feet.
[I always feel the need to take off my shoes, and run across fields.]
All we did was stand in the middle of that field and talk,
But I won't ever forget your smile.
I did cartwheels and failed,
And we kept walking.
The breeze stops.
Clouds break, the sun shines through and for a moment I don't think the rain will come.
I keep walking,
Past three boys. I know one of them, but we don't acknowledge it, we haven't talked since last semester anyway.
Last semester seems so far away..
The sun disappears and then it starts to rain.
I don't really care, I just throw my hood up and keep going. A little rain never hurt anyone.
Rain at night is the best, when there's no breeze, and when city lights throw shadows on the shimmering streets,
and when you have an arm around you.
And when you're not in a car, because I think windshield wipers are misleading. They make it seem like it's raining harder than it actually is.
When I Walk, sometimes I walk aimlessly, and find myself in a random place,
Like a gas station?
Might as well grab some Arizona Tea, it's only 99 cents.
I walk in and out, its rather convenient, that's probably why they're called convenience stores, huh.
It's raining harder now.
Headlights are turning on, and the sound of cars passing me is different now,
The rush of the wheels against the watery roads resounds in my ears.
A car full of stoners passes by, they're so high, I can tell by their eyes and the way they drive.
One of them calls out the window, "Gurllllllll..." his voices fades.
I half smile.
I love your half smile. I miss driving with you and yelliing out the windows, "Damn girlll" at random b****es. Crazy us.
My phone ringing breaks my thoughts. I'm almost back to campus,
No answer. Now I got my phone wet for nothing. Whatever.
I come to a bus stop shelter and duck into it to get away from the rain for a second.
A girl is in the corner staring at me,
I feel awkward,
So I keep walking.
Nothing's ever awkward when I'm with you, we have a weird connection like that, even if I haven't seen you or talked to you in weeks, not a prob, it's chill yo.
I hear a siren a couple blocks down. I hate that sound.
DRUG BUST! I bet. ha.
When I'm almost back to campus, I realize
that this walk was good
I cleared my head.
I love clearing my head.
The rain slows down and I walk up to the doors,
and open them,
and head toward my room... the halls are filled with people...
And there you are.
We pass eachother,
"You nod and say Hey."
"Whatup." ...[Why do I always say that...]

I take a lot of walks, and a lot of naps.
I strange like that.

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