Alternate History

April 11, 2012
A ravaged waste land,
Blood soaks the ground,
We lost.
Our soldiers are dead,
Blown to bits,
Women clutch children to their chests,
Drying tears upon their shoulders,
Fathers and husbands,
Spread across the land,
Women cry,
Their loves are gone,
Gone with the wind,
There one moment,
Gone the next,
Knife to the chest,
No breath,
No second chance,
No guiding light,
All lost,
No way back,
Give up?
You'll never make it,
Just give up now,
While you still have a chance,
While you are still young,
Before they send you off,
To partake in death,
The shed of bullets,
The blood soaked ground,
The hate and pain,
Tearing you apart,
Do you really wish for that?
Do you really want a World War 3?

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