April 11, 2012
By Sabreur93 BRONZE, Brunswick, Ohio
Sabreur93 BRONZE, Brunswick, Ohio
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I close my eyes and the cold goes away
I feel a flood of warmth and watch as the world fades from view
I open my eyes to a blank and total blackness
I blink, and it is as if I have done nothing
I see no difference, I see nothing at all
But then a small pinprick of light opens up in the corner of my vision
It disappears as quick as it came and I feel a presence in the room
The words from a thick and guttural voice hits me with a wave of force
A porthole of light opens in front of my eyes
I look through it and see what is left from body lying in a cheap coffin
In front of it stands few people
So very few to look upon my death
But then I realize
Why would anyone want to look upon my grave
The grave of a man whose only only good deed was going to be four years of pointless war
The same war that consumed me
Consumed my body and left my tortured soul to fend with Death
So I ask you one last question before I am sucked into the eternal night
Why not sooner

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