Straddling Lines

April 11, 2012
By summerlife324 BRONZE, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
summerlife324 BRONZE, Glenshaw, Pennsylvania
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I am neither truth nor fairytale.
My truth is hard to find,
but can it not be harder still,
to claim the truth’s not to be mine?
I am not some predetermined being.
No one knew I’d come,
but only patience shall come to tell,
I am neither truth nor fairytale

I am neither sunny day nor dark, dark night.
Day cannot be measured by my passing, shining smile,
but night is never mirrored
in my lingering, falling tears
I remain, content,
in between light and darkness.
Only those that see me at both ends of this broken path shall know;
I am neither sunny day nor shining night

I am neither young nor old.
Or rather, in my mind I’m not.
My childhood years, I’ve left behind,
with all the things I didn’t know
But yet, here I stay with my past behind, knowing more than then,
years spent to learn,
with all the years I’ve yet to live- endless in their depth.
No, I am neither young nor old

I am neither bound by heart nor mind.
Some days I find my strength in both.
Hearts lead my love-found quests,
but one mind sheds light on the paths I take.
On both ways I could have followed,
there lies an untold tale.
Only a heart and mind together can find which one to leave.
I am bound by neither heart nor mind.

I am neither one to be given nor taken.
A prize is for someone weaker than I.
A gift is far more than I shall ever hope to grant.
I’m not one to have my fate chosen for me,
despite the temptation is may offer.
Broken, I shall never be, I am my own salvation
When the time comes for me to choose, I’ll be my own decider.
I am neither one to be given nor taken

I am both myself and I
Clearly, I see this now
The boundaries I straddle only add to my esteem
No words describe me fully.
No phrase contains my soul.
I am simply who I am, when morning sheds its light
Each one different down to the day I die, except
I will always be both myself and I.

The author's comments:
I've always wanted to write a good "I am" poem and I wrote this to share in English and ended up really liking it. I hope you'll share your thoughts.

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