April 11, 2012
By , Cumberland Center, ME
Go west, young punk!
Abba will never reform
Veni, vedi, veci,
I never came, nor saw,
nor conquered
In my mind's eye
I still see you
Wearing the black and grey uniform of thousands
Thinking you are one of them
I see the poison darts
of the thoughts
that people around you form
who don't know
why you wear them
the black mini-skirts
the grey, revealing tops

you saying you are a proud Atheist
by the age of 11
you get stung
and yet you do not even know
so that is why
I tell you to escape
the people around you
which is why
we should escape west,
as young punks
in love with the idea
and purity
of darkness
which is escaping
to go dig
wholes into
the neighbor's lawn
like we did
when we were 5
and best friends,
The neighbor deserved it.

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