Teenage Life

April 11, 2012
By gittleskittles BRONZE, Forest Hills, New York
gittleskittles BRONZE, Forest Hills, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"to find yourself is to lose yourself"

I look out the window
And see nothing there
I look at your heart
And I get a scare
It looks like
A devils lair
Hes such a hoe
He don’t even pay her
Theres no such thing as love
In our bigass world
Not even a friend
To keep you go-ing
Theres no one you can trust
Backstabbers everywhere
One day your besties
The next like you were never there

Teenage life
Is a buncha s***
Cannot trust
Anyone your with

Thinking about
What everyone’s thinking about
It seems to matter what they all think about
They talk about what they think about

Teenage life
Kids think they’re funny
It doesn’t matter
If someone’s eyes go runny

Rumor going round and round
Exaggerations from ceiling to the ground
One day its this the next its that
You spread both no matter what’s the fact

Teenage life
Nobody cares
As long as their
Reputations there

There are haters
And followers too
It depends on
Their perception of cool
Weather you live in the projects
Or a school with harsh rules

Teenage life
Niqqas make you cry
If you go
They won’t say goodbye

Whether your expected to be good or bad
Your expected to kiss a**
You’re expected to fit in
Every person is the same
It depends on how they play
Teenage life’s little game

The author's comments:
What i think of my teenage life

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