Together We Stand

April 11, 2012
By MissPoetxGirl BRONZE, Dresden, Tennessee
MissPoetxGirl BRONZE, Dresden, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
Its better to know then to assume. Then to assume. And be wrong.
Think it. Wish it. Dream it. Do it.
Its better to have tried and failed then to have never tried at all.

My life has gone by so quickly
That I have not taken notice to myself
How I have changed
My ever being
From the color of my hair to the shoes that I wear
I am no longer me
But in fact, I am that of a puppet
My puppeteer so cruel to me
Just as the world has forever been my entire life
They tell me tat I am fine
Have they not felt the pain I feel so dear in my heart
I am lost and afraid
A lamb separated from it's mother
A bee without a buzz
I feel as if I am nothing
Yet I continue to allow you to so cruelly
And violently pull my strings
Pushing me and twisting me
Into the very mold you call,
No, my sanity will not be spoken of
For I am not ill
You seem to be the one that is ill
For you do not understand the likes
Of peoples feelings
Selfish you call me
Selfish that I am not
Just another day in my life
A chapter gone by
A page well written
One of these days nobody will remember
Remember that little puppet girl
The girl that nobody knew
A name forgotten and face unknown
To the senses
Let the memories of my life
Fade into the darkness of tomorrow
We shall cherish each day
Like we cherish our wine
Fine and to the point
Like that of a ball point pen

The author's comments:
Well, throughout my life. I have gone through alot of junk. Basically, what inspired me was personal experience basically.

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