P.O.W. Escape

April 5, 2012
By EddieT SILVER, Vancouver, Other
EddieT SILVER, Vancouver, Other
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I'm a free man
My words are said
And heard by others
Released from my head

I express myself further
No need to stay quiet
I have the right to free speech
So, I live by it

And now I run
Freely in my mind
Outside the prison, the unfriendly kind
I am an escapee
Of horrors unseen
I have waited
And fought
And won
And now I can say
What they never wanted me to say
And I have this freedom today
Black, white, tall, short, straight, or gay
To cause dismay
At the captors who've made me this way
To rage
And engage
'Cause I'm finally out of my cage
Don't stop, turn the page

You think I'm done
You better run
It was easy to put me in jail
And wait me out
'Till I'm old and frail
And too weak to go on
But your plan has failed
I'll go through rain, sleet, snow, storm, and hail
To finally get to bail
Out of this prison
To tell the world
The injustices that have been done

I was gagged
And blindfolded
Roped down to a chair
Gun cocked to my head
Thinkin' that I'm sitting scared

But now I'm out
And, without a doubt
I'm here to stay
Stronger than I've ever been
But, I'll never forget
The days when I waited
Wishing for someone to rescue me
But wasn't there
And, without a care
I did something that others wouldn't have dared
I escaped the prison in my head

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