How You Make Me Smile.

April 5, 2012
By SuicidalDreamer.. PLATINUM, Marshall, Illinois
SuicidalDreamer.. PLATINUM, Marshall, Illinois
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"Drop The World....." Or "Everything Happens For A Reason....." Or "I am jealous of every woman that has ever hugged him, Cause for that mere second. They held my entire world."

How you make me smile is when you look into my eyes and just hold my eyes there as I watch you get closer to place a soft kiss on my lips.
You make me smile even when I am in the worst of moods just by taking my hand and hold me close.
You make me smile by never letting me down when I need you the most.
You make me smile because you respect me as a person and not a possession.
You make me smile by making even the dumbest of jokes that are so old that my great grandmother told them when she was twelve.
You make me smile by just being there for me when no one else wants to.
For all these reasons you make me smile.
But the biggest reason of all.
Is because you've never let me fall.
Even when I was battling through the roughest of things you held me tall and showed me the best in life.
And for that I thank you greatly.
Because if it wasn't for you.
I would have reverted back to cutting.
I probably would have gotten into drugs.
I probably would have one day became a mass serial killer.
And most of all, I would have hated myself forever.
Never feeling the love for myself that I can for others.
Never knowing all the things in life that I could do while not being overly depressed.
So yes, In a way. Just because of how you make me smile.
You have saved my life.
Now it's my turn to return the favor.
Thank you<3.

The author's comments:
This is about an amazing friend that later became a boyfriend and helped me through the biggest downers in my life. Thank you Chris.

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