Put US Together, And You Get Love; Baby It's That Simple.

April 5, 2012
I wear an expression,
that sits upon the face of a girl who silently cries.
An attractive boy, has two things in his hand.
In the left, he holds her heart.
In the right, he holds her world.
He doesn't want to let either of them go.
But you just can't hold on forever.
Such a long time.
Forever doesn't exsist in reality.
It's just an exaggeration.
The boy,
who used to be full of enthusiasm,
now dwells a blankness.
Guilt fills up in is mind, and in his heart.
A paragraph of sudden words form upon his lips.
He'll never speak them though.
Never to her,
never to anyone.
She sits with her face in her hands, endless tears spilling upon one another.
He's dropped her world and her heart.
It's amazing what love does to you.

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