If Only, Only If

April 5, 2012
By Jay.Oh BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
Jay.Oh BRONZE, Meadow Vista, California
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If only, only if
4 years
6 million Jews
2 million non-Jews
250,000 disabled
10,000 homosexuals
to many lives lost.
Please turn back the time.

Did we lose our minds?
Misplaced somewhere among the massacred bodies
of our friends and relatives.
We were too scared to search though,
afraid that we would see something familiar
in the eyes of our loved ones.

So, we sat back
jaws set, but not ready to speak out.
What could we do?
Let out a cry of protest
as a child was ripped from the arms of their mother?
What would that bring to us though?
A bullet to the heart
an end to our lives.
We would join the others on the ground
bleeding out, our plea thrown to the wind
mixing with the moans of the dying
and the silence of the dead.

So it grew.
The silent hatred
for the one causing the pain.
A fire burning slowly inside
and no amount of tears could extinguish it.
It thrived on the oxygen in our lungs
and burned behind our lips.
It was let out through angry whispers
laced with the heat of the flames inside.
Soon enough, it seemed
someone would burst.

However, it was the perpetrator
who burst.
A coward, he really was.
He took his own life,
to scared to own up to his crimes.
Although the source of the damage is gone,
It can never be undone.

So, why didn't someone stop him?
Millions of lives could have been saved
if someone would have taken a gun
into their own hands
and pulled the trigger.
Just like what Hitler and his army
had done to so many.
If only, only if
things had been different then,
things would be different now.
Alternate History.

The author's comments:
I was required to write a piece about Alternate History, hope it rises conversations and opinions about the holocaust.

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