A Fate

April 5, 2012
By lost_and_alone SILVER, Murrysville, Pennsylvania
lost_and_alone SILVER, Murrysville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
Life sucks, then you die.- Jacob Black- Breaking Dawn- Stephanie Meyer

Standing alone
Standing here lifeless
Standing here in the dark
Emotions override my system
I crumble
I was there for you
I gave you a shoulder to cry on
But when I needed you most
You weren't there
But what it took was time to realize the truth
That you caused me to break
To shatter
Left with no one
To help me pick up the pieces
I know it time I will be whole
But what scares me now
Is knowing the truth
Knowing that Fate had taken course
Knowing that it was over
You were someone I called my best friend
I wish everyday that Fate didn't hate me so much
That Fate didn't take away everything that meant so much to me
Now I need to find someone new
But it is inevitable that Fate will eventually take them too
I am scarred
I am weak
It doesn't take much to bring me down
So if you want to end me
Now is the time
I promise I won't try and stop you
I don't have the strength
I will welcome the end with open arms
And lay immobile
Hoping Fate doesn't step in yet again

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece not long ago when I lost my closest friend, it seemed like no one was there for me. No one to trust. I was hurting and so I wrote this. Enjoy!

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