March 28, 2012
By , Bridgewater, NJ
I am ashamed.
Ashamed on how my generation mistreats loves.
Misunderstands, misinterprets.
Ever since we were little kids and we saw all those Disney movies about love and we saw our parents marriages fall apart, all we ever wanted was love from an other human being, given freely.
So instead of waiting until we understand,
we try to skip the boy and become the man.
13 year old kids having sex.
Not learning the body is something to respect.
And they wonder why the divorce rate increases.
These kids are not picking up the pieces.
I am ashamed.
Ashamed because love has died.
No longer is it common.
Now its something that's more pure and rare than ever.
It's harder to keep that her forever.
I am ashamed because I am a hypocrite.
I lost my virginity when I was 14 years old, thinking I was in love.
I gave another all my trust and I ended up heart broken.
I am left with this scarred image of love.
I thought she was the one.
reason why I wake up,
it was no longer the sun.
then she left my heart in a cup.
Because of what this generation has done to love I have learned what it is.
I know i could love another.
Have that girl forever.

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