April 7, 2012
Broken heart
Shattered in two.
Regrets a plenty
Attainments: few.

Hollow soul.
Heart broken
With loneliness.
Words left unspoken.

Sparks of lament
Remorse ablaze.
Charred wooden heart
In smoke-laden haze.

Deafening silence
Through thoughts unvoiced;
Flammable emotions,
Regretted choice

Stolen glances
That I can’t return.
Battles lost,
Lessons learned

Futile worry
And squandered sorrow-
Fear of what
Would unfold tomorrow.

Unsure motives;
Shrouded with doubt.
Traveling unknown,
Uncharted routes

To come to terms
And face this mess
Has not been easy,
I confess.

Without regret
I live today!
Free of resent
I can proudly say:

I’m free of your
Captivating disease.
I’m free to be
The girl I please!

Without you
I live better now-
I’ve faced my fears
And can recall:

I conquered my doubts
And got away
From the one who made
Me lose my say.

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