Ten Minutes

April 5, 2012
By Anonymous

What difference would ten minutes have made.
Would we have beat the rain?
Would the car still have rolled over.
Would we all have gotten out unscathed?

If we would’ve left ten minutes earlier
We would have gotten to Salt Lake that night.
Then we would have gone out to dinner at McDonalds.
Then watched a Disney movie and fallen asleep.

Then we would have played baby dolls
and giggled and laughed like little girls do.
Then we would go to the Hogle zoo
and would’ve seen our favorite hippos.

We would be so lucky to be alive and well.
No scratches bruises or stitches would blemish our skin.
There would be no screaming because of pain.
There would be no need to stay at the hospital.

If only we would’ve left ten minutes earlier.
Our lives would have been so different.
But we were in a car accident and are lucky to be alive.
Only scars and the smell of rain remain on our minds.

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