Scarlet Blood

April 5, 2012
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Scarlet blood runs down my arms
I do my body a little harm
and when I see the scars I think of pain
and all the anger that I've gained.
I sit and look at the stars
wishing I could keep them in jars
so every night that I cry
I can hold them tight while the scarlet blood runs down my knife.
Waiting for my sterling knight to sweep me off my feet in the dead of night.
While I fight to keep alive
his love is all I strive
as I wish that I could die.
While he holds me tight I look into his eyes and ask him why he won't let me die.
He looks at me and says your life
like Romeo and Juilet so romantic or like Jack and Rose on the titanic your life is everything so don't panic.
Our ship won't sink as long as we don't let go.
So hold me tight and whisper in my ear that its alright.
I love you and that will never change
my love for you will stay the same.
So if your sad please don't be
just take one look at me because you mean the world to me.

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