My Life

April 5, 2012
I am a mouse.
I live in a cage.
I am expendable,
the monsters' slave.

They make me run.
I run all day.
When my heart stops,
they throw me away.

I am a cat.
But not for long.
To them I'm trash.
Soon I'll be gone.

They cut open my head.
I can't help but cry.
It hurts so bad,
when they look inside.

I am a dog.
For this I was made.
I was born to die here,
stuck in this place.

Their products burn me.
They burn me alive.
I can't see anymore,
I have no eyes.

I am a chimp.
So like their kind.
Or so they think.
Not in my mind.

I'm in a box.
I've never seen light.
I live in the dark.
An endless night.

Each test is different,
and yet the same.
When the monsters touch us,
we all feel pain.

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