The Fight

April 5, 2012
By TobiDaDog SILVER, Semmes, Alabama
TobiDaDog SILVER, Semmes, Alabama
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I hear the crowd.
I hear it roar.
I growl and grunt.
I pace the floor.

I want out.
I don't want to fight.
But fight I must.
if I lose I die.

When they let me out,
a game begins.
A deadly battle,
to see who wins.

I see my opponent.
No time to think twice.
We lunge at each other,
we play for our lives.

Then we stop.
We can't go on.
I lock eyes with him.
"I know this dog!"

A silent agreement.
It all ends now.
We tear at each other,
we fall to the ground.

Weak as I am,
I manage to cry.
I call to him.
A final goodbye.

In my brother's blood,
I was released.
It's all over.
We rest in peace.

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