Refuse the Ghetto Temptations

April 5, 2012
By , Kansas City, MO
I’m a boy in a ghetto world
Fighting to become a miracle
I don’t want to be a statistics or a number on a graph
I got plans for my life and I don’t need you dragging me down
So ghetto please stop
All these corner liquor stores temptation
All these fine sistas temptation
The smell of herbs temptation
Nice fancy cars and clothes temptation
You tempting me to do all these things
I’m trying to stay away you making fiend
I don’t want to be addicted to these things
I’m trying to leave you ghetto I don’t need you taking me under
Trying to make me one of your victims
I can see myself now
In a gang probably 718
Wearing that purple and black
Selling that smack
Robbing people and liquors stores
I refuse to be one a hustlers
I refuse to help you be known as the worst block in the hood
I refuse to be a victim of your temptations
I refuse to be connected to you

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