The World's Addicted To Me

April 5, 2012
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The world's addicted to me
It's vain to say, I know, but think about it
It can't get enough of me

The world throws itself at my feet
Pavement rolling over tremulously as I tread its belly
It thanks me with every step I take.

The world sucks the air I exhale, and worships me

Masochistically, the world rains on me and sends biting winds
So it can cry when I curse it, and submissively bring summer when I want it
The world melts with joy when I take off my jacket in the heat

The world watches me while I sleep
The world turns her back to the sun so it's not bright out while I sleep
The world holds its breath while I sleep
Nighttime creeps up behind me and strokes my eyelids
And sighs at my beauty

Every day I wake up and the world leaps to its feet to serve me
The world loves me
I am the reason the world lives.
I am the reason you're here
The world loves no one, just me

The world began when I was born
Maybe you think differently but you're wrong
I don't remember it before that, so I must be right
The world won't kill me. It can't
Now that it has seen me for all that I am, in all my beauty
The world won't let me die. I will live forever
The world is addicted to me

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