Fear is excitement without breath

April 5, 2012
By makeup_02 BRONZE, Pontiac, Illinois
makeup_02 BRONZE, Pontiac, Illinois
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He always has the same expression
staring me in the eyes
never my days does he brighten
the feeling he gives me, I despise
When he comes around my knees are shaking
I tremble for I hope I am dreaming
I need security; I need an awakening
a depart from his dream is what I am needing
I swallow my tears and start to feel courageous
I need to confront him before it’s too late
I push him away, but he leaves me breathless
he follows me, on my shoulders there is so much weight
With him around, I become eager
he’s hard to avoid, but I must be confident
ignore his voice and become braver
don’t listen to him and on this I’m adamant
I’m trying my best to give you the how-to
we all meet him every once in a moonrise
so put your head up high and do as I do
be brave, and stare Fear back in the eyes

The author's comments:
I hope this will encourage people to be more courageous. Everyone is going through hard times right now. Don't feel alone or feel like you can't make it.

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