April 5, 2012
The wind is cold
Like your stares
Good morning hopeless eternity
I feel empty since I lost trust
Neglecting what few friends I have

The sun is warm
Like my heart used to be
Until you froze it with ice
I never knew what you could do
I wish I would've fought back

The trees sway
Like my moods
Happy to sad
With just a word from your mouth
I can run, but not from you

The leaves fall to the ground
Like my hopes
I hoped he would stay
Even though your lies were tempting
Boy, was I wrong

The river is quick
Like the spread of your lies
I'm surrounded by them
Can't you leave me alone
I try to shake it off

Wind calms down
Sun comes daily
Trees grow tall
Leaves fly far
Rivers are peaceful
Someday you will stop
And I will rise

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