April 5, 2012
By , Estero, FL
As life goes on, you cease to exist. You realize that the emptiness in your life will never be filled. Because all your life you’ve been hiding yourself in a box of darkness. Not letting any light in, because the darkness had always been your friend. You’ve tried letting the light in but there was to much darkness that you couldn’t turn away from it. It’s the life you’ve always had, there’s no getting rid of it. It clings to you like a hook; the only way to get through is by tear shed, pain, and blood. You’ve tried but its sharp edge is tearing at your flesh, bit by bit, as blood streams down your body. But it’s no use; so don’t try to change what is. It’s the way you’ve lived, and it’s not worth going through anymore tear shed, pain, and blood. Because the blood you’ve lost has paid a painful price. You have gotten weaker and weaker each day. There was no purpose in this life to live, so you’ve been waiting in darkness for death, because you were never needed. All you were was a pawn to this game. On your journey to the end, you will cease to exist.

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