Where I Belong

April 5, 2012
By Anonymous

Cold hard floor boards are now my bed,
The only place I feel safe in this hell called life.
Soon the sergeant will call upon his slaves,
So we can endure our possible last day.
Hoping for a quick silence,
Rather one that shall prolong my downfall.
I cry silently for those around me and those that are gone,
Knowing that we are not the lucky ones that still lay on this cold ground.
My mother, father, brothers, and sisters are gone from me now,
Only I have myself to console to.
No one cares about others hardships,
They tore that away from us when they put us behind these barbed wires.
They stripped us of our religion and humanity when we first came off the train,
Making us exposed to them,
Taking away our only possessions and family in the process.
I welcome death now not fearing it as I used to,
My God will carry me away from this hell.
My God will cleanse me of my sins and hardships,
He will wipe away my tears I have shed and renew me once more.
I am summoned to the courtyard yet I am too weak to move,
I am beaten for my slothfulness but I am numb I feel no pain.
Forced to my knees I look up,
Hearing the sound of the gun but not feeling a thing.
I am home once again.

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