Paige Hill Brush Fire

April 5, 2012
By Smalltownlibrarian SILVER, West Warren, Massachusetts
Smalltownlibrarian SILVER, West Warren, Massachusetts
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The orange glow slowly rises over the hill top.
The smell of smoke wafts through the air with each breeze.
Helicopters circle the hill, dropping water and taking videos for the news.
Lights and sirens of fire trucks, ambulances, and police cruisers light up the the town as the sun has left us.
The horses gallop from end to end in the pastures, rearing and neighing.
They're a sweaty mess, shaking from the fear of the brush fire.
With the sun gone, the orange glow seems to grow and is more visible.
The sky is filled with smoke clouds.
Fear fills your body.

The author's comments:
On April 4th, the town of Brimfield, MA was called to Paige Hill for a brush fire out of control. This fire started around noon, and continued to claim 50 acres for the next 9 hours. The flames claimed over 50 acres as its home.

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