Ode To The Summer

April 5, 2012
By AlexD BRONZE, Standish, Maine
AlexD BRONZE, Standish, Maine
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Here's an ode to the sky!
The summer has come
And has taken away
The cruel demons of winters past.

The glorious heat fills
And satisfies the hunger
That the bitter cold
Had forsaken againt me.

And the rays,
The beautiful rays
Bring joy to the eyes
Of the young and the old.

The trees seem to have a whole new shape,
Unlike the shriveled bare trees
Buried in the snow.
The colors of the trees burst alive where ever the light hits it.

The summer seems to come
Bearing a gift.
A gift of innocence,
That refills the child inside our hearts.

In the warm air,
We grow warm hearts,
And warm souls,
That get forgotten as soon as ice covers the roads.

So here's to the summer sky!
Making the jaded reborn,
Reborn with new feelings,
Feelings of love and mercy.

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