Forgive me

April 5, 2012
 I had a choice
To stay quiet, or to have a voice
The first was safer for me
But the second was right, cause you see
I didn't have to tell 
But the guilt would've been hell
Cause I knew what was right
And so I closed my eyes tight
And I opened up my heart
Searching for the love that's torn me apart
I knew what was at stake
Scared, I started to shake
I knew what had to be done
But I wished I wasn't the one
The one that so deeply cared
And yet the one that wouldn't be spared
From the hatred of the Silents
Towering. They were my giants
I remember their piercing eyes 
Their anger took me by surprise
Few saw through the lie of apathy
Fewer still cared to hear my story
Some of them listened
Still my eyes glistened
I held in my tears
Just like I've practiced all these years
Couldn't let them see
How much the truth was hurting me
I didn't want to tell
But it was him that fell
He thought I didn't care
It was more than he could bear
So he chose to go the wrong way
Even though I begged him to stay
He thought I lied
But everything inside me has died
The truth had to be told
How was I to know how the future would unfold....
Love was put to the test
I just did my best
There was no time to think twice
So I took some good advice
He needed to see the wrong
So I had to be brave, and stand strong
The Silents didn't understand
The need to stop what he had planned
So I gave him all I had to give
My life, so that he might live
It may be hard now
But I know he'll get through it somehow
He may never forgive me
But it's better than what could be
I didn't want him to lose himself 
But now my heart's back on the shelf
Waiting until the day
When they will see the price I had to pay
And they will realize what's always been true
And I only did it because I love you

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