April 5, 2012
By Andrewhigh5 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Andrewhigh5 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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A peninsula, its soil trampled
on by the feet of invasion for centuries.
You can see it in the eyes, the strokes, the flavors.
These people who once faced the crushing oppression
of its hostile neighbors now were on the brink of civil
But this private conflict between brothers, sisters, family
would soon be seized by two super powers as a game to fight without fighting.
Each brother sister and family now a pawn, bishop, horse, or castle.
the red white and blue moving there pieces in the name of democracy, the Red nation counter moving theirs for the expansion of communism.
each side separated by the 38th parallel.
Both sides had victory in their grasp but when the end came
they stood at the 38th parallel, exactly where they had started.
No treaty just a promise keeps the peace.

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