Hometown, Georgia

March 23, 2012
Hometown, Georgia

Four years old.
Mommy wrote me notes when I was sick.
But she always went to work.
My one joy --
Playing hookie with her when she didn't.
Which was so rare,
I can't even remember the times when we did it.

Ramen noodles for dinner each night.
Mommy had to make it.
Daddy wasn't there no more
I couldn't recall a time when I asked for him
Although, i know I did.
Mommy had to make it.
On weekends, being productive was
Watching television or reading chapter books until mommy woke up again from her "nap".
Don't you dare wake her up.
You know how Gemini's are.
Mommy had to make it.
Five years old.
I had to let mommy make it.

Mommy's made it.
Fourteen years old
And ramen noodles are on occasion.
Not because there's nothing left in the house
But because I miss the taste of my childhood.
Mommy wakes up on time.
And being productive involves much more than lanky books.
Our television, aint nothing but cable .
Mommy made it.
And I'm grateful.
But there wasn't a time when I needed mommy more around
Then when ramen noodles were on my table..
Each night.

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