March 23, 2012
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It pollutes the mind
Poisons the soul
Makes me feel worthless,
Dirty, and cold
Yet I'm still fighting the urge
To see what I loathe
But you know what keeps me going?
My longing to be pure
Because I'm not having any babies
No if, ands, or maybes
So if you think my legs are spreading
Just because I feel rejected
I'm telling you right now
You're wrong
I'm hopping of this train
No more nasty hoes online
I've got big plans for myself
I won't waste my time
Because I never know when God might call me home
I had better keep it in line
And you'd better too
Don't get left behind
Or else you'll get dropped
Before you realize that what you watch
Could end up stealing your life
So next time I feel the urge
To do something reckless
I'm gonna read this first
And think about those statistics
That say if I don't keep my legs crossed
I'll be locked and pregnant
Before I understand what I've done
What I could have done
To prevent it

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