Gone Forever

April 1, 2012
The sky turned gray as I walk slowly up the hill Tears from the cloud were bitter and still Screaming children ran block to block Guns went off pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!
I stood there all alone as I seen my little brother fall to the ground I ran to him quickly not thinking what if the bullets were going to put me down
but it didn’t mater to me because my little brother needed my help for he was shot in the chest. I stood there holding him in my arms not knowing what to do next.
Momma came out with tears running down her face my uncle pulled up and told us to “get in we don’t have much time waste”. We got to the hospital covered in blood and tears
Momma and I yelled for help for we knew that my lil bro needed serious care The doctors took him away and We stood there in the waiting room all day
We Waited to hear from the doctors hoping everything was okay. But later that day we found out it wasn’t okay.
My brother is gone forever he will never see another day.

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