I'm Sorry I Took My Clothes Off

March 31, 2012
By Chelseakay BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
Chelseakay BRONZE, Nashville, Tennessee
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you said yes

and then jumped. as though it were one of those riffs you liked.


Can we smoke?

you said no

then said yes. as though it were one of those synth-beats you tolerated.

because you loved me.

(I know that now.)


So we smoked.

you threw up.


The light was blue

the water warm. Yo La Tengo. (yo la tengo tambien)

you slipped

after me.


your beard touched my face.

you said

“I love you”. as though it were a song.

I didn’t hear it

because I didn’t know.


and now when we sit on the couch

you sit on one side

I on the other.

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