March 31, 2012
By assel11 SILVER, Purchase, New York
assel11 SILVER, Purchase, New York
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"Every flower must grow through dirt."

I have simply lost
All words, they’re hiding in the shadows
Of my mind. But by the beating of my heart,
Almost like a code, I know very well
You’re the one who’s been lingering in my dreams,
Erecting tainted fantasies, yet you are pure as vanilla.

Your tender finger traces the pout of my vanilla
Flavoured lips. I find myself lost
In your deep blue pools, as calm as a childhood dream.
Reflected back I see my own eyes hold not a shadow
Of doubt; the longing within me wells
Up – I’m sure you can feel the heat radiating from my heart.

The passion in your knowing kiss electrifies my heart,
Our bodies intertwine like vines of vanilla.
Your graceful hand fits well
In the small of my back; all time is lost
As our skin melts together. Two shadows,
Dancing on the wall as one. This is not a dream,

I must remind myself, for if it were a dream
I would not hear the throbbing of your heart,
Nor would I feel your smooth caress. In these shadows
I may not see, but I can taste the sweet vanilla
Of our love, and I know my mind is not lost;
In this beauteous moment all is well.
The enticing spells you whisper tell that you are well
Learned in the delicate art of perfecting dreams,
And the details often lost
Upon the faint of heart
You enhance them like the aroma of vanilla
Enhances any mood. Here in the shadows

You kiss my neck, outline the shadows
Of my jaw. You know me all too well,
You know the ways of extracting the vanilla-
Sweet moments from my dreams,
The secret desires kept by my heart.
If ever I hesitated, that uncertainty is certainly lost.

Do not leave me in the shadows, lost,
For surely all vanilla would spill from my heart.
To live well is to live this dream.

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