March 31, 2012
The things that can hurt you the most
You keep close to your heart
Their memories in a golden cage
Replaying like your life of love
A steady beat, bu dum, bu dum, bu dum, bu dum

And that cage is locked by a little key
To keep the sorrows and sadness
From tainting the happiness
But people lie
And memories change
And that unbreakable golden cage
Begins to change

From between the bars
The life you fought so hard to remember
And never lose
Begins to leave
And the dark that ruled
Comes back again to take you captive
In it’s own cage of nightmares
Squeezing your heart and binding your soul
With each word that’s said

After locking you out for so long
I finally let you in again
But you tarnished my sparkling gold
And toppled my castle walls of protection
Put up to stop the pain of you long ago

He thought of you now tears me in two
And the lies you spit burn my soul like acid rain
And I know now
Never to let you in

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