How to be a guy

March 29, 2012
This is how you find a job; this is how you keep that job; always shave before a date; This is how you drive a truck; Don’t ever be late for a date-you will never hear the end of it; This is how you surprise a woman on Valentines day; Always act different around your friends; never tell her that you love her; Hold her hand when no one is looking; Use vulgarity in public; This is how you “play the field;” This is how you make the money; this is how you shoot a shot gun; Kill a man in cold blood for your country; This is how a ma holds his alcohol; This is how you treat a woman; Never, ever strike a woman; Never back down from a fight; This is how you control your anger; Always come home after something dramatic; This is how you tell your wife if you have cheated on her; This is how you mow the yard; This is how you clean your garage; This is how you fix your car; Don’t wash your car the day before it is supposed to rain; Never listen to you wife- it is just horrible; Never show your true emotions; This is how you put up a ceiling fan; this is how you buy a house; This is how you ignore everyone but your own self; This is how you allow your love to come out ; This is how you do your taxes, even if your wife is doing them; Don’t let yourself become over-come with emotions; To get to a woman’s heart, you must first open yours; Don’t let anyone “get to you;” Life is a trip and this is how you live it.

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