March 29, 2012
By Anonymous

Falling into silence,
The sewing closed of the mouth
With the black heart strings and the slender needle
That has pricked me and has drawn my blood.

She’s falling into silence,
So I shall do the same.
I shall sew closed my mouth
The way hers has been done before.

I will remain quiet.
There shall not be a sound from me,
For all eternity and then beyond
For without her voice
Mine will never be.

Her story is intertwined with mine
And with great struggle
I shall never speak it,
For the truth is unbearable
And inconceivable
And shall cease to exist like her voice
And like mine within due time.

It will fall into silence
And we all,
We all will follow
And fall into our silence,
Bound in the grip and wrappings of eternity’s quiet.

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