What We Call A Beast

March 24, 2012
By LifeStartsHere BRONZE, New York, New York
LifeStartsHere BRONZE, New York, New York
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What we call a beast,
not what you expect.
Oh, A beast looks menacing?
No, it looks likes you.
Hiding your feelings from people,
secrets that may hurt us, but don't.
We're hurt, when your hurt.

But for real?
your hurting us when you hide.
Avoiding,hiding, and hoarding.
Creates worry.
Creates disloyalty.
Creates a reason for us, me, to go against you.

But we, i, don't want to.
Because your a beast that can change.
A beast that I'll help change, and lend my hand to.
A beast that will transform.
Transform into something that they once cherished in the past.
While others say they loved you in the past,
I say past, present, and hopefully the future.

What we call a beast,
is not a beast without a choice.
It's a person with a chance of hope.

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