Just AnotherPerson

March 24, 2012
By Anonymous

If life is all about you,
then why don't I care?
YOur life is just another speck of dust on a shelf.
Your not unique,
just another narcisistic freak.
I may not be the one to talk,
but just look at yourself.
Fixed on your own obsessed life,
and not on the ones around you.

You kick your feet up onto that table,
as if your some king.
But in reality, your just another wannabee.
You think your glares break me?
But your wrong.
Those beautiful, but piercing eyes don't shake me.
They hurt me,
but i don't feel the pain anymore.
Your so-called pain doesn't exist anymore.
I'm used to it.

Your just another person for me to forget.
Another person for me to think less about.
You think i care.
Care, that your still alive.
Before my eyes you tremble and shake

You thought you owned this world,
but sadly your wrong.
YOur just another shadow for me to step on.
Another piece of garbage, for me to throw away.

Walk away, and I'll ignore your sins.
Try to break me, and you'll be gone for good
I'll make sure of it.

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