Why did I let it get to this

March 24, 2012
Why did I let it get to this
What if everything had changed
Would these words be the same
Or would the reactions still sting 

Did I think it through
I just stepped into
The problem of why we were there
And blinded by you I tried to be near

But none of it was true
And I still forgave you
I can't stay mad
Even when it should had been let be

You mean so much
But all this has left scars
And my heart wants to take more
But I'm not sure if it could now

By the time you see me
I'll have changed and healed
But you'll still find some way
To bring on that pain

Bring it on
I'm much stronger now
And nothing will stop this
Because its all that I wish

Why did I let it get to this
Because it had made me like this
You will soon see
But just know I'm not that same 

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