A New Old World

March 24, 2012
By ThatTimiGirl SILVER, Wheeling, West Virginia
ThatTimiGirl SILVER, Wheeling, West Virginia
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Imagine bright blue
Deep purples, neon greens
And the movement and life
Of a world far away
In a spiraling galaxy
Filled with star after star
Peacefully drifting through the vacuum of space
And then in an instant
Quicker than a thought can be processed;
Everything’s gone.
Up with Dark Oranges
Burning with Hot Reds
And where once there was beauty
Now almost nothing remains
Just one simple movement
All that’s left of a colorful world
Is a hunk of drifting darkness
Black against black
Spinning and flying
In a very lonely place
Through galaxies
And around great and small stars
Deep, choking loneliness
Suffocating emptiness
Until up ahead
The center of a universe
The core; all that remains
Spies a simple blue and green planet
And against its own will
It is captured by a force
Too strong to ignore
Falling and falling
Getting smaller and smaller
And upon impact
It’s as small as a fist
A true thing of Beauty
This little black core of a planet
Makes me
Imagine Bright Blues….

The author's comments:
One of the perks of living in rural WV is the clear, beautiful night sky.

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