Short Time

April 6, 2012
What time can do is amazing really
It can be so long or so short
It just depends on the person’s appealing
If they’re anxious or nervous
Can make all the difference
Although the two words sound as if they are same
They are tremendously dissimilar in ways that are plain
Someone who’s anxious just wants wasted time passed
While the person who’s nervous just hopes that they last
A person who’s anxious just wants the band aid off
The person who’s nervous didn’t want the band aid at all
Is it better to play and have scraped your fragile knee?
Than to miss out on games of tag and go-seek?
To me, but not all, the answer is there
Live life to your limits, but not by a dare
Be who you are, it’s you at your best
Get what you deserve, and take nothing less
If you fear time’s obstacles then you will surely digress
Grow and live life, love what you do
Switch the ^vowels ^between them and the statement stands true
For me writing words is like putting on shoes

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