Dark in Light

April 6, 2012
By hbrhr PLATINUM, Granville, Ohio
hbrhr PLATINUM, Granville, Ohio
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I stare out at a world of darkness
Even in the glaring light of day.
Diluted thoughts hang
Heavily in minds like a cloud of smoke.
Eyes flicker during conversations
Trying to see out of both of their faces.
Hearts dangle from a thin silk thread
In our chests
As people carry an ax
To snip the small string.
People cut off their entire sleeve
Just to ensure
Their heart cannot be pinned to it.
A single silver tear
Slips from an eye
Coming from a soul so toughened
So callused
That by the time it hits the ground
It shatters.
Society has become
A constant masquerade ball
Where everyone assumes a flimsy mask
Will cover all their secrets.
Love has become a thing of fairy tales
That comes and goes
As quickly as the tides.
The value of a coin
Has outweighed the value of humanity
And wars are a dime a dozen.
And so
The question that haunts my mind each night
That settles over me in like a thick cloud:
When will we see our fault?

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