All I Need

April 6, 2012
I'm not beautiful

I have humongous thighs
and I'm not supermodel skinny
my hair is too frizzy
and I chew my nails

I'm not perfect

I eat too much
exercise too little
and resort to violence
much to quickly

I'm not unique

I dress like everyone else
love the same music
and someone else has always
done it first

I'm not special

I don't get straight A's
or have a high GPA
I'm not becoming a doctor
or going to Harvard

but I love things that shine in the light
and laughing
and falling in love

I love spending rainy afternoons
reading sappy romance novels
I love long hugs
and compliments I don't believe

I can't promise I'll be
beautiful, perfect, unique, or special
but I can promise
that no matter what
I'll never give up on us

because I love falling in love with you
over and over again
every single day

because you make me smile and laugh
and I like myself
when I'm with you

and all I need
is your hand in mine
and you by my side

all I need
is you

will you need me too

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