I Promise, Bestfriend

April 6, 2012
I've always been such a happy person; but when it comes to losing someone that I love, all I really want to do is go up above...

I've never loved someone this much before, and losing them was the worst thing that happend in my life. The worst thing that's ever happend to me.

Usually a pen and paper makes everything better; writing my thoughts down on paper, expressing how I feel and letting everything out.

At night, all I ever want to do is cry; even if I feel like I've tried. Even if I feel as if I tried my absolute hardest, I don't feel satisfied.

I tried to make things better, but you said it wasn't me. I want you to know that I won't ever give up. Being bestfriends makes me happy; and that's all we'll ever be...

That's okay with me. I'll always be here for you as long as I live, no matter what happends. I love you bestfriend.

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