Reaching For Your Star

April 6, 2012
Dear, you are
Silk in the wind…
Fleeting, floating, flying away
To some long-forgotten star.
You float on a crimson sunset,
Stained red with your scarlet blood,
You fly into the dark of the night,
Supported by hate, not good.
And I hope one day you land, my love,
On that long-forgotten star,
And I hope that all you suffered, I hope that all the pain,
Truly brought you happiness, and wasn’t just in vain.
And if you sit up there watching me, just know, I’m never far,
For I miss you, dear, I need you,
I am the girl who reaches for your star.

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katinthehat said...
Apr. 11, 2012 at 7:28 pm
have been banned from the chat room apparently :( so i guess we cant talk.. but good job!!! :)
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