I Watched My Language

April 6, 2012
By debmalamud SILVER, Los Angeles, California
debmalamud SILVER, Los Angeles, California
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you looked at the sling on my arm
and asked how I was.
I told you it hurt like hell,
but we were standing on the front porch
in front of your new sister.
you told me to watch my language
so I did.
I stood an hour by the blackened window and watched the change in the curvature
my lips as they
from vowel to vowel.
my teeth begged for something splendid.
And so I found it.
my fingertips rode the creases of my mouth. Everything curved.
It all tasted sweet when I spoke to you.
I analyzed the cadences of my laughter.
I wrote them down for you. you thought I wrote you a song.
I wrote you the truth.

and then I became insatiable.
I remembered forever wasn’t mine,
that it clung, cursedly,
on the future’s delicate finger.

so I swung my good arm around you,
pressed my good lips to you,
and you dared to give me forever,
in a tin box and wrapped in blue.

“you’re a damn good liar.”
you told me to watch my language
so I didn’t.

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