Those Little Fingers

March 22, 2012
In a hotel pool
The bathroom was just around the corner
Slipping out of the pool
The toilet staring at me
As if it had eyes
Dark enough to need the lights
Little fingers couldn't find the switch
Door swings shut
Those little fingers still in it

Gushing everywhere
The first thing I saw
As I screamed
Those little fingers disconnected
Hanging by a thread
Of skin

Rushed to the emergency room
As blood soaked through
The hotel's towels
Sitting and waiting
For another half hour
Until they could
Sew those little fingers back
Into one piece

Finally they came
Calling my name
They put me on a bed
And put a tube
Over my mouth
Reality faded away
As I drifted
To blackness

As I opened my eyes
I saw
Gifts and cards
From all of my relatives
And my mom
Was right by my side
Holding my good hand

Those little fingers were
Back together
A pin stuck down
One of them
The pain was great
But I got through it
A week at the hospital
Four months
With a splint
No swimming
I couldn't get it wet

But I still have
Those little fingers
Not so little anymore
I can bend them
And nothing hurts
But I realize
I never got to pee

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Princess-Maple This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 14, 2012 at 8:46 pm
Aww thanks guys! Two people have rated this!
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