Mom Poem

March 22, 2012
By Quinci15 BRONZE, Benard, Other
Quinci15 BRONZE, Benard, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Dance like no one is watching!"

You are my Hero
from your soft silky hair
To your Smooth Sandy skin
the homemade fudge that melts
In your mouth
the smell of tanning oil that
Stains the pontoon floor
from cheering your kids on at
Every meet, game, or competition
you are my Hero
The “look” you give when Whit, Shea,
and I talk a little too much
Or the soft whisper:
good night
Sleep tight
don’t let the
Bed bugs
When we go to sleep
the warm hugs
You give on bone chilling
day the small
Little tear that rolls
down your face
When you hear grandma’s favorite
You are my Hero
that is true I know,
You know, I want to be with
you all the time and every where
We sing All Summer Long at the top
of our lungs on the boat
In Big Red and even on our own
dance is what we do
The crazy ass you turned me into
from “I have to pee hurry get
Me home!!” I learned a lot from

you, attempting to teach me
How to water ski and do the

laundry, you found out I
Suck at those things

for you my wonderful mother
A poem written by one of your favorite

daughters… Quinci
The End

did you think I was done?
I know I talk a mile a minute

I talk so you can hear my idea’s
And dreams but now I

Am done
I love you soo much madre’, mommy, mom
You are my Hero

The author's comments:
i wrote this for my mother!

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